Fathers Day Weekend

This is my first year as a father during Fathers Day.  And my lovely wife surprised me with a Yeti Roadie 20. I made sure to put it to good use on my early morning outing to the pond.

  While I heve wanted a YETI for a long time, I have not been able to justify the cost. However, after a good day of testing the YETI, I am a full believer in these quality coolers. I will be planning to invest in a larger YETI for wild game transportation in the future. In the mean time, the Roadie 20 is perfect for a day trip to store water,keep snacks, and lunch cold in the southern heat. It is a bit small for transporting deer and that sort of thing.

 The Roadie is perfect for a stool or camp table.

I also decided to try out my MSR Windstopper camp stove to make some coffee.

When lighting the windburner, I noticed my piezoelectric starter did would not start the burner. So finally I decided to pull out my fire steel, it performed flawlessly!  I plan to write up on that at a later time.

The fishing proved to be quite good, the panfish were tearing up the top water bugs this morning!

Happy Fathers Day!

Kalob Ownby


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