Grilled Pizza

While Kamado grills have been around for many years, they are finally gaining popularity among the masses – and for good reason. Kamado grills were invented in Japan and brought to the Americas during the World Wars. They provide a unique way to cook and add exceptional flavor to whatever is cooked in them.

To get started, we set up the grill to burn hot, the target is 600 degrees. Using a good quality pizza stone, the stone is placed on the grates during warm up. This allows for even cooking.

While the grill is heating (takes about 20 minutes on my grill), it is a good time to thaw the pizza out in one minute increments. When short on time, I have found that it is much easier to cook frozen pizzas, provided they are properly thawed.  

Once grill has reached proper temperature, water soaked cherry wood chunks are placed on the hot coals to generate smoke. The thawed pizza is then placed on the pizza stone. NOTE: be sure to remove the cardboard from the bottom of the pizza. 
In approximately 6 minutes, you will have a lovely fire cooked pizza! 


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