Economical Wading Studs

Have you ever been to a fly shop and looked a the price of traction studs for your wading boots? Did you notice how expensive they are? How many did you get?

Well it just so happens that there are folk who race motorcycles on ice, yes you heard me correctly, ICE!  In order to do so, they use metal screw in studs that are threaded into the tires. These studs are remarkably similar to the studs one can purchase at the local fly shop!


By going to and using the 3/8 inch #8 studs, one will see the following prices:

(250) qty : $20.60 which is approximately $0.08 cents per stud.

Compare that to a well known manufacture:

(20) qty:  $29.95 which is about $1.50 per stud.

You do what is best for you, remember, stay safe so you can tell the stories of your adventures.


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