Benefits of Drinking Coffee

Being an avid coffee drinker, coffee is a part of my every morning routine. There is something about the fresh aroma of quality beans that have been freshly ground- the milky froth and the sweet creama of a properly pulled espresso shot that marries together in the form of a latte.  As most coffee lovers know, past few years have been spotted here and there with negative press on how coffee is bad for ones health. However, with the advances in medical study, new discoveries have been made on the health benefits of coffee. Below I would like to highlight two sources that make excellent points on the beneficial side of drinking coffee. IMG_1010

World Health Organization (WHO) has long held the opinion that coffee is a carcinogin. However, they has recently changed their opinion in June of 2016 to conclude that coffee has health benefits such as cancer fighting antitoxins. They further stated that it was the temperature, not the coffee that could lead to esophageal cancer (WHO-IARC Press Release).

Furthermore , Medical News Today has recently published an article highlighting numerous benefits coffee has in preventing medical conditions such as cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and diabetes (see link for more details:  Medical News Today).

In the meantime, enjoy that cup of joe at a modest temperature!


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