Pursuit-The Necessity of Outdoors

Being the son of a third generation carpenter, creative design and fabrication is in my blood. And being an engineer, I often draw inspiration from simple objects and patterns I find in the outdoors. Not only do I find inspiration, I also find that the outdoors provides relief from stress and clears the mind. I would speculate that this is among the many reasons people enjoy the outdoors. In this post, I would like to elaborate on why many men are passionate and even obsessive about the outdoors.


In the modern workplace, many men are often chained to a place of manual labor: i.e. sitting at a desk all day, or constantly on the phone and in meetings. This environment often causes the common work days to become stagnant. And in a seemingly stagnant workday, it is hard for one to feel inspired, or even tap into those creative ideas due to the energy spent on simply trying to get through the day or even week. Oftentimes, this contributes to many health related issues like a lack of energy and reduced productivity. 


Men, in general, are wired for adventure. Whether chasing wild trout, photographing spectacular views, achieving a personal milestone, or even hunting the prey of choice, many men thrive where they are engaged in pursuit. The outdoors often sets the stage of pursuit by providing opportunities for family adventures, hunting, fishing, or perhaps conquering the local hills and mountains. The challenge and thrill of conquering an obstacle brings a deep sense of fulfillment that is difficult for many to put to words. In his book, Wild at Heart, author John Eldredge, references the creation of mankind, pointing out that men were created by God in the wilderness and then placed in the Garden of Eden, while women were created in the garden. This makes sense to me; it explains why men are seemingly more comfortable in the wild places and women seem to be more comfortable in the safety of cities.


It is in the solitude of the outdoors that many find the time to process the emotions, thoughts and ideas that often surge through one’s being. I am convinced that, for many men, emotional maturity is cultivated though the serene environment of the outdoors. I have heard countless stories of veterans who found help and healing in the tranquility of the outdoors and the relationships formed through the outdoors. It is my opinion that where we are immersed in the creation of God; we are able to fully admire His handiwork, and, in the process of admiration, we find healing for the broken places of our lives. 


In closing, I would like to invite you and your loved ones to make time to enjoy the outdoors. Explore the hills, immerse yourself in the water, pursue your dreams, and be sure to stop and smell the roses. You only have one chance at life! Live, dream and impact those around you with your unique gifts. Remember, God loves you and…

“Adventure is out there!” –UP



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