Vedavoo Beast Sling Review

History-Scott Hunter

Inspired by his own experiences and frustrations he had with gear, Scott Hunter founded VEDAVOO in 2009. Without formal design training or a background in sewing, Scott used the company’s last $700 to buy a used, 1970’s era sewing machine on Craigslist, and taught himself to build packs in his garage. Custom projects refined his craft, and in time, he followed a traditional hands-on approach to designing a line of packs for fly fishing. Since that time, products like the Tightlines Sling Pack, Spinner Daypack, and Chest Pack have shown that durability, versatility, and ease of use set VEDAVOO apart from other gear builders. In over 5 years of building gear, the company has never received a return due to quality of materials or workmanship. This is possible because all gear is meticulously crafted using only the best American Woven fabrics, and American Made webbing, fasteners, buckles, zippers, and hardware. Even the thread used to sew the packs is American Made. Though the road is challenging, we don’t compromise. We build BETTER AMERICAN GEAR.  Vedavoo Homepage


I am 5′ 9″ and about 215 lbs. and the standard Right hand sling conformed to my body quite well. I was surprised at how well the fit was, especially with fitting over my waders and additional gear. The pack does well to stay in place while trekking the trails to the fishing hole, fishing, and wrangling fish to the net. 


As expected, the pack does not get in the way of the wearer. The pack holds about 3 bugger barn boxes or 1 beast jr. box which is good for the type of fishing I usually do. The tippet holder does well and does not lose my tippet spools as some other packs have done.  I did come to appreciate the unique hidden pouch that runs behind the main compartment. This pouch was perfect for storing a map, GPS unit, snacks and lunch.  I would have preferred a strap or cordage to allow for a more secure method holding of my water bottle and a better location in which to hang the net. I believe this pouch was designed for the Liberty bottles and I did not have one on hand at the time of this trip.  While I am aware of that  Vedavoo also makes a net holster called the Netster for net retention I prefer my net to be secured to my pack. That said, I enjoyed being able to fish without the weight of a heavy vest weighting down my shoulders.


The detail of stitching stands out on this pack. All stitching was tight, clean and intentional. Each pouch is well thought out  and well placed within the available space of the pack.


Overall this pack is excellent and functions very well.


  1. Customization available
  2. Solid construction
  3. High quality
  4. Comfortable fit


  1. Net is awkward
  2. No water bottle secure strap
  3. no designated place for fore-snips


Go Check Vedavoo out and give their products a try!

Stay safe out there!




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