MSR Windburner Camp Stove



The MSR “Windburner” packs all into the boiling canister which makes for a neat and tidy package. This stove was designed for use in backpacking and remote situations where the added weight of tabletop gas stoves are not beneficial.  Quirks aside, this is a handy gadget to have on hand.


Setting up the Windburner is not too complex. It does require some tinkering to assemble.  However, it can be quickly assembled in under 60 seconds once the operator is familiar with the apparatus.

1.) Open boiling Canister and remove parts stored.

2.) Attached 3 pronged base to gas canister.

3.) Attach gas canister to burner.

4.) Attach all accessories  needed to cook, in this case a coffee press.img_0384


Lighting the Windburner proved to be a bit more difficult to light than originally hopeed for. At first, a piezo-electric starter was used with absolutely no success, whatsoever. After several attempts, the easiest and safest method found was to use a fire-steel or long match. The traditional cigarette lighter tends to put ones hands in dangerous proximity to the intense gas flames and can cause a serious burn.


Once lit, the Windburner really shines!  this stove works well in the wind and wet elements. I was able to bring water at 68 degrees to boiling in approximately 3.5 minutes. So that meant I was able to enjoy my coffee in under 5 minutes. This proved to be perfect for those cold mornings on the trout stream or after those bone chilling hours in the deer stand.


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