Tips and Tricks for Fly Fishing

Wader Changing Mat


I  carry an extra car floor mat to stand on while changing into and out of waders.  However, Simms currently offers a really nice wader mat and bag called Headwaters Taco Bag as an alternative. There is nothing worse than having rocks in your socks or wader boots. Rocks and debris can puncture the stocking-foot portion of the waders and cause a good day to become a bad day.



I learned from an experienced fisherman that it is much easier to change ones waders when sitting down in a chair.  For this, I prefer the REI Ultra-light camp chairs or my trusty Yeti Roadie 20.

Wader Repair kit


Though, I have yet to rip a pair of fly waders on the water, I do keep a repair kit close by.



Use a large container to store and organize your fishing gear. I prefer the Rubbermaid Roughneck series. This has greatly reduced the likelihood of me forgetting important essentials.



These handy tools are excellent for tying small midges to fine tippets, and handling the tiny 5x-6x tippets. I prefer the 5 inch forceps as they offer a bit more gripping surface.

Polarized Sunglasses


I highly recommend glass lenses as they are more scratch resistant and are often more durable in the event when a beadhead nymph comes crashing into your face. To date, Smith Optics Guides Choice  shades have been my go to’s for clarity and quality.

First Aid Kit

It is smart to be well prepared. I keep a safety kit in my vehicle at all times and am prepared for everything from snake bite to accidental self-hooking.

Extendable Magnetic Retrieval Tool


This little tool works great for recovering those precious flies that get hung in vegetation or those forceps/nippers on the bottom of the river. Best part, This tool costs less than 5 bucks at Harbor Freight and you don’t have to take a swim in the icy cold water to retrieve these valuables.

Ultralight Stove

On those cold days, there is nothing like a piping hot coffee that was freshly brewed. This is why I often carry a MSR Windburner with the coffee press in my gear container. It has made cold days much more bearable. Plus, one never knows when boiling some water may be needed.




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