Shinola Detroit Journal

Shinola Detroit is on a mission to create American jobs by manufacturing goods right here is the good ol’ USA. While Shinola is known more for their American made vintage style bicycles and high end watches, Shinola also makes quality journals. More information about Shinola Detroit can be found here:

Shinola Detroit

The journal features a warm and appealing fabric cover similar to the books in the days of old. This is perfect for the nostalgic writer! Journals are available in hard and soft covers and in multiple colors.

Upon first opening the package from Shinola, one is greeted with a visually pleasing, well packaged arrangement,  as shown below.

For no additional fee, one can have initials embossed on the journal.  I feel this was a great personal touch and adds to the journal.

After several months of writing in this journal, I have been very pleased.  I now own several of their journals for work and personal use.  The medium journal is perfect for everyday writing and works great with a wide variety of pens. The small journal is good for pocket carry and seems to work better with rollerball pens and pencils (this is mostly due to writing space).

Fountain Pens-The paper is thick and smooth for the custom fountain pens I normally write with.  I found that my medium and broad pens seem to feather and bleed through (Using Noodler Eel Ink, a generally wet ink). However, my everyday fine and extra fine pens with Noodler Eel ink do excellent on this paper.

In short, I highly recommend Shinola Detroit for a high quality, handmade journal.



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