Mini-Farm Necessities


Earlier this year, my wife and I purchased our first mini farm.  It comprises of 6 acres and is fenced and set up for horses.  The farm came complete with a 2 stall barn measuring 20 x 30 feet.   What it did not come with was the equipment to manage said property.  Below is a list of a few necessary tools and equipment for managing the property without being overwhelmed.


Lawn Mower


Since our property is mostly flat and pastured, we opted for an 60” zero turn mower.  This mower allows me to keep the yard and pasture trimmed in the least amount of time.  Careful research showed that for our situation, the mower would prove to be more efficient than a belly deck mower and front end loader.  For my purposes, I opted for the American Made BadBoy Maverick commercial grade mower that was rated for a minimum of 1200 hours or more.  This is need is subjective to the type of landscape and terrain present on the property.


Weed Trimmer


Weed Trimmers save lives and fences!  They allow for quick edging of the yard, drive way and trimming fence lines.  With our acreage, I opted for an Echo SRM 230 commercial trimmer.  One of the handy things about the trimmers is one can install the brush cutting blades and use to clear hardy brush and thickets.  This is especially helpful when dealing with horse pastures.


Water Hoses


My personal recommendation is Apex Commercial Farm and Ranch hose.  These hoses are American made and have withstood the test of time.  I prefer the red rubber, which is rated for hot and cold water and can come in handy of those cold winter days where hose flexibility and possibly warm water is needed to be run through the hoses.


Utility Trailer


My personal preference is Gorilla Carts. Primarily based on the economical cost for what it is capable of carrying.  Besides my mower, I use this cart on a weekly basis to haul feed, hay, water and tools around the property. This is one piece of equipment that is worth its weight in gold.




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